• Introduction:  Why Play Sports?
  1. What's the Right Sport for Your Child?
  2. Self-Efficacy = Lifelong Success
  3. Balance in the Young Athlete's Life
  4. All-Star Athlete Parents
  5. "I Love to Play!" : Motivation and the Young Athlete
  6. Coaches Need Strokes, Too
  7. Eating and Sleeping Right to Play Well
  8. Feelings:  Competition Brews a Thick Hormone Soup
  9. The Growing Athlete:  Injuries, Prevention, and Time
  10. Self-Efficacy, the Mental Game, and Learning
  11. Role Models:  Just Do It!
  12. Athlete Spurts, Stalls, and Burnout:  Parents' Job As Jock Supporters
  13. Turning Girls and Boys into Great People Through Athletics
  14. College Scholarships:  Academic Success + Athletic Excellence + Balance
  15. Fun, Perspective, and Ohter Mysteries
  • Epilogue:  The Van
  • Apendix A:  Youth Athletic Organization Harassment Policy
  • Apendix B:  Sports Proactive Information Formative Feedback Inventory (SPIFFI)
  • Appendix C:  National Sports Organizations:  Resources for Parents
  • Apendix D:  Four-Finger Whistling

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